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Illinois Immigrant Action: Pushing for Solutions, Not Senseless Deportations

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By Guest Blogger Josh Hoyt, ICIRR.

Today marks the start of two full weeks of action, prayer, and protest on immigration.

People of faith and community leaders from across the state will join immigrant advocates from my organization, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), to mobilize for just and humane immigration reform– and to reject the continuation of futile, Bush-style enforcement-only policies on immigration.

Reverend Sandra Castillo, President of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, is among the faith leaders who will participate in the two weeks of action. Her reason? According to Reverend Castillo:

Our immigration system is in pressing need of reform. Harsh, punitive policies are separating families and creating economic turmoil instead of bringing real solutions.

The actions will take place in seven Illinois congressional districts, including Dan Lipinski’s (IL-3), Luis Gutierrez’ (IL-4), Mike Quigley’s (IL-5), Melissa Bean’s (IL-8), Jan Schakowsky’s (IL-09), Mark Kirk’s (IL-10); and Bill Foster’s (IL-14.) As part of the national campaign, Reform Immigration For America, thousands will engage in a series of vigils, town hall meetings, and rallies to challenge members of Congress and the Administration to step  up to the plate and deliver just and humane immigration reform, now.