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ICIRR Collects Funds for Obama Presidential Library's "Deporter-in-Chief" Wing

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The location of Obama’s presidential library has not yet been decided, but the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) is already soliciting donations for it — specifically for a section of the future library they are proposing to call the “Deporter-in-Chief” wing.

ICIRR’s action yesterday follows years of record deportations from President Obama, as well as this month’s announcement that he would delay executive action — adding tens of thousands more to the list of families who risk separation.  ICIRR is asking individuals to contribute to a “Deporter-in-Chief” wing by submitting pictures of deported loved ones, banners and posters used at anti-deportation rallies, personal stories, and other memorabilia documenting Obama’s deportation legacy.

The group, however, did note that there was time for Obama to address his painful legacy.  Said Lawrence Benito, ICIRR’s CEO, in a press statement:

It’s not too late for the President to reverse course and announce an administrative relief to deportations.  But if Obama fails to act on administrative relief he will cement his legacy as the Deporter-in-Chief.

View photos from ICIRR’s action yesterday soliciting contributions for the Obama “Deporter-in-Chief” wing: