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ICE Investigation Clears Agents of Wrongdoing; Reveals Agents “Guided” - Not Shoved - Man Into Wall

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ice abuse case michiganA mother strip-searched in front of her teenage son; parents stalked by immigration officials outside of their children’s elementary school; a man shoved into a wall so hard that the plaster cracks; and a pregnant woman denied medication.

Troubling signs of potential police misconduct?  Apparently not to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Frequent readers of this blog may recall that earlier this year, after Michigan activists called attention to a disturbing trend of abuse, ICE Director John Morton promised his agency would conduct a systematic review of the Detroit field office’s enforcement practices. Among the cases in question: a raid at Hope of Detroit Elementary school where some parents were arrested on the street while others were trapped inside with their frightened children, several instances of ICE detaining and interrogating U.S. citizens, and one example of a pregnant detainee denied access to doctors, nutritious food, and medicine.

Morton’s overdue report has finally been released, and in a blatant case of who-will-watch-the-watchers, ICE’s internal investigation has cleared all its agents of any wrongdoing.  That is, it’s saying that none of its agents in any of these cases overstepped whatsoeverThe conflict of interest, the cover-up, and the lack of concern for justice are astounding. 

“ICE’s failed investigation is what happens when the fox is charged with watching the hen house,” Art Reyes, a member of the Hispanic and Latino Commission of Michigan, said last week.