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How Advocates, Democrats, Economists Are Responding to the RAISE Act

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The RAISE Act, a bill sponsored by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) and championed by the Trump Administration via Stephen Miller, was introduced yesterday, to the consternation of just about everyone but the most die-hard Trump supporters.

The bill would slash legal immigration by 50%, eliminate multiple categories of legal immigration, curb family-based immigration, cap refugee admissions, and eliminate the diversity visa. It’s being welcomed by white nationalists, but everyone else has been pointing out that the bill is un-American and bad for the economy. Here’s some of what they’ve been saying:

  • Only 36% of Americans want reduced levels of legal immigration
  • America is founded on the promise of immigrants, many of whom didn’t speak English or have highly-paid skills when they arrived. That didn’t stop them — or their children — from achieving and contributing great things
  • Economists agree that the RAISE Act would tank the economy, and point out that the country needs more, not less, immigration to flourish
  • The RAISE Act is racist because it discriminates against categories of immigrants — basically all nonwhite immigrant groups
  • The bill is a poor substitute for real immigration reform that would grow the economy and show compassion for the immigrants and families who have helped build America

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