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House Republicans Want To Force The Library Of Congress To Keep Using The Term “Illegal Immigrant”

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Apparently not satisfied with their presumptive nominee using a taco bowl to reach out to “the Hispanics”, the GOP-led House Appropriations Committee has approved a bill that would force the Library of Congress to return to using the term “illegal immigrant.”

Last month, the Library announced that it would scrap “illegal immigrant” from their search terms and cataloging in favor of more neutral “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration” wording, explaining “illegal immigrants” had “taken on a pejorative term.”

Of course, Congressional Republicans pitched a fit. Apparently, these guys don’t have any time to do anything about updating our broken immigration system, but have plenty of time to make sure we can keep calling people “illegal immigrants.”

Not to mention Paul Ryan’s recent “extraordinary” (his wording) decision to call a House floor vote on a resolution in March to file an amicus brief opposing DAPA and DACA+. And, Ryan meeting with presumptive nominee Donald Trump the other week to see if he can “unify” the party before endorsing him for President.

As for the House bill to force “illegal immigrant” back onto the Library of Congress, that passed by a slim 25-24 vote thanks to Tea Party lawmakers.

Leading Democrats slammed the decision: “We live in a nation of immigrants, folks who have come to the United States to work hard and build better lives for themselves and for their families,” said Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX). “We shouldn’t be using a harmful, dehumanizing term like ‘alien’ to categorize individuals who contribute so much to our country.”

Note to Speaker Ryan: Donald Trump is already unifying the party — as anti-immigrant.