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“House GOP Should Be Ashamed”: Democratic Congressional Leaders Slam Political Vote On DAPA Case

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Democratic Congressional leaders are slamming a Republican vote expected later this week, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, “on a resolution seeking the power to file an amicus brief on behalf of the entire House of Representatives opposing President Obama’s immigration actions.”

As we and others, including Kerry Eleveld, have previously noted, Speaker Ryan’s call for a House floor vote only further cements the fact that this lawsuit is nothing more than politically-motivated stunt from Republicans.

Rather than correctly following the process by filing an amicus brief — as Democrats recently did — Republicans are interjecting the House into a legal challenge by voting on the House floor, and in the process earning themselves scores from anti-immigrant groups to add to their records.

Clearly it’s Donald Trump’s party now. As AV’s Lynn Tramonte said last week: “By bringing the question to a vote, Speaker Ryan is attempting to co-opt the People’s House to send his party’s anti-immigrant message.”