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Holiday Roundup: Trekking for Immigration Reform and 2009 Year in Review

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yr in reviewA couple of immigration-themed goodies you may have missed while sipping egg nog over the holidays…

Wendy Sefsaf reports, in “And They’re Off! Immigration Reform for a New Decade:”

Thousands of organizations, activists, and citizens are already out of the gate and will spend 2010 racing towards the finish line of fixing our broken immigration system. Some dedicated students have even embarked on a 1,500 mile walk from Miami to Washington D.C. in hopes of bringing attention to the human needs and costs behind our outdated system.

The Miami Herald had the story in, “Miami students trek to DC for immigrant rights,” about a group of immigrant students who are calling the 1,500 mile trek the “Trail of Dreams–” a journey which they hope will garner support for a much-needed overhaul to current immigration law.

The article states:

Twenty-year-old Juan Rodriguez and the others, all immigrants, plan to walk the distance and expect supporters to join them along the way. They plan to arrive in the capital May 1, in time for massive immigrant rights rallies.

They want Congress to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. They also want the federal government to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have spouses or children who are U.S. citizens.

Suman Raghunathan of Feet in 2 Worlds has a “Year in Review” series on immigration that begins with, “After Lofty Campaign Promises, More Enforcement From President Obama:”

Nearly a year after the nation inaugurated its first president who is the child of a foreigner, immigration reform may finally be on the horizon. With the Senate passing its version of health care reform in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, many immigrant advocates are waiting with bated breath for the White House to turn its attention to immigration in 2010.