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Here’s What Donald Trump Really Means When He Reminisces About “The Good Ol’ Days”

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You may have seen this clip making the rounds on Twitter during the last couple days — if you haven’t yet, you can’t miss it.

The clip features some of the most violent incidents from Donald Trump’s rallies over the past 16 months, in particular, his white supporters physically and verbally attacking people of color with fists and racist slurs. The video becomes all the more jarring as images of violence against Black people — at the hands of law enforcement and white citizens — during the Civil Rights Movement are spliced in.

Throughout the clip, Donald Trump can be heard reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” as he eggs his supporters on, encouraging them to be violent and crude as Black and Latino protesters are physically dragged out his rallies.

Prominently featured in the clip is Shiya Nwanguma, a Kentucky college student who was physically shoved out of a rally by a group of white male Trump supporters as they called her racist slurs. One of the attackers, Matthew Heimbach, was later outed as a white supremacist with direct ties to a hate group.

As we wrote yesterday, since the launch of his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric has become an inspiration for unapologetic racists. We launched the “Trump Hate Map” as a result of this disturbing trend of physical and verbal violence, and it’s has become a resource we’ve had to update with disturbing frequency over the 16-month course of his dangerous run.

When Donald Trump reminisces about the “good ol’ days,” unabashed violence without accountability against people of color is exactly what he means. Let this video serve as a powerful reminder of our history — and how dangerously close we could be to repeating it.