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Help Us Write an Ad About Rep. Elton Gallegly, Chair of the House Immigration Subcommittee

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gallegly adRegular readers of this blog know that Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) is the chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee, a card-carrying member of the Mass Deportation Caucus, and the West Coast third of the Three Amigos

Not all Americans are as well-acquainted with Gallegly, however, which is something we’re trying to change with our upcoming ad campaign.  Rep. Gallegly is the top Republican in charge of national immigration policy, which means that he holds too much power to wield anonymously.

More Americans need to know that Gallegly is obsessed with enforcement-only policies that would tear apart families and destroy the recovering economy.  He wants to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States, with no regard for how deportation would affect them or their families, how the agricultural industry would survive without steady labor, or how the U.S. economy would falter without the contribution of these immigrants.  Gallegly is an ideologue, less concerned with facts and real-life results than he is with a rigidly nativist policy that most Americans have turned against. 

We need your help for this ad campaign.  We’re soliciting creative slogans about Gallegly that we can turn into online advertisements to be run up and down Gallegly’s home state.  They can be about anything regarding his policies or their consequences.  Just make them brief, and make them memorable.  Americans can’t afford to ignore Gallegly, so let’s make sure they don’t tune him out. 

Suggest your ad idea here.