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Jesus Has Been Deported — Can You Help His Family?

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It’s been nearly two weeks since Jesus Lara was taken away from his family in Willard, Ohio.  The words of support, offers of prayers, and donations are helping the family cope in this rocky time, but they are grieving.  

Many news articles have been written about this fund and the generosity fellow Americans are showing to a family they may never have even met.

Sunday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published a story on their latest interview with Jesus

Lara Lopez, in a telephone call from his mother’s home in Ejido, Congregacion Zaragoza, in Chiapas, said the worst part of his ordeal is being separated from his family.

“I miss my children very much,” he said through translator Lynn Tramonte of the immigrant support group, America’s Voice. “All I think about is how I can get back to them. There must be a way.”

Lara Lopez’ attorney, David Leopold, is exploring the options. Tramonte said they hope that immigration regulations relax in the future, but otherwise Lara Lopez could return by being sponsored by one of his American born children. But that process would take at least 10 years.

“My children would be grown by then,” he said.

While so many people continue to pray for a miracle, we hope you will continue to share this donation page.  The money raised is going directly to supporting Jesus’ children in Ohio while he finds a job in Mexico.  Even after Jesus is working, his family will continue to need support in order to keep their home and meet the children’s needs.  

For now, the kids are preparing to go back to school with the help of a generous gift card from a local good Samaritan who wanted to help them with new clothes and school supplies.  

The outpouring of support here on this page is truly beautiful.  Thank you for supporting your fellow humans and making it clear that many Americans are deeply troubled by Jesus and others’ deportation.

Please contribute to Jesus’ family and share his donation page here.