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Shuler Back with Same Tired Immigration Playbook

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Heath ShulerIt’s official, Heath Shuler is back trying to insert himself into the immigration debate. The only problem? He didn’t get it in 2008 and he still doesn’t get it today.

It’s almost as if he has a cheat sheet of ineffective policies that are becoming a revolving door for his legislation. Keep increasing border enforcement – check. Disregard police chiefs’ suggestions and increase local crackdowns – check. Place more responsibilities in the hands of ICE; which a report found plagued by a cowboy mentality – check. Expand the ineffective and burdensome E-Verify program – check.

Didn’t Shuler learn last year? Not only will this legislation solve nothing
in the immigration debate but, much like his old Redskins days, he’s
not able to read the field well. These annual enforcement-only
proposals are becoming increasingly out of touch with what America
actually wants; a wide-ranging fix to the broken immigration system
and not piecemeal bills designed to look tough for political purposes.

Maybe Shuler didn’t get the memo:

  • 62% of Independent voters support Congress passing comprehensive immigration reform

  • 66% of Independent voters prefer a comprehensive approach to the enforcement-only alternative

The country is ready for a comprehensive solution
to immigration reform, and changing the title and date of old, failed
legislation isn’t exactly a solution and it’s definitely not
leadership.Shuler needs to take a page from the real leaders in Congress and listen to voters.

Who would have thought his Congressional career would make his Redskins career look good by comparison?