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You Have To Hear Maria Hinojosa’s Incredible Response After Trump Advisor Uses Pejorative “Illegals”

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Journalist Maria Hinojosa ripped into a member of Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Board (remember that?) for his use of the pejorative “illegals” during an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy this past weekend.

At one point, Trump advisor Steve Cortes said that “it is more unfair for legal immigrants to allow for illegals to hop in front of them and cheat the system” — and Hinojosa was having absolutely none of it.


“Illegals is not a noun ..what you can do is say an immigrant living illegally or an immigrant living without papers or without documents in this country. But what you cannot do is to label the person illegal.”

Hinojosa said she didn’t learn that “from some radical Latino or Latina studies professor when I was a college student. I learned it from Elie Wiesel, who survived the Holocaust, who said, ‘you know what? The first thing they did was that they declared the Jews to be an illegal people.'”

It was an absolutely powerful message from Hinojosa, and one that left Cortes with nothing to say in response.