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Haters Across the Country Are Starting to Realize that Americans Are Not With Them

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Over the weekend, a right-wing “Free Speech Rally” demonstration in Boston ended early after attendees were dwarfed by literally 40,000 counter-protesters who turned out to demonstrate against hate.

Check out this bird’s-eye view image of the 40,000:

The “free speech” organizers in Boston insisted that they had no connection to last week’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, where violence from white nationalists led to the death of a woman. But WBUR reported that a rally by the same organizers in back in May included one speaker who encouraged attendees to arm themselves for another civil war.

Meanwhile, a small group of people demonstrating against immigration in Laguna Beach, California were similarly outnumbered Sunday by hundreds of counter-protesters who came to denounce racism and applaud immigration.

While the anti-immigrant group America First! tried to demonize undocumented immigrants, counter-demonstrators shouted “go away”, “no hate”, and carried signs that said “immigrants are welcome here.” As one counter-protester said to CBS Los Angeles:

We’re telling them to go home. us uniting together  against them — this is what makes [America] great. … Every single one of us, from different ethnicities, different cultures, different religions, standing together really makes us the land of the free. Not them.