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Dozens of Harvard and Boston-Area Professors in Act of Civil Disobedience Supporting DACA

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Campus protests supporting Dreamers seen across nation

Thirty-one professors from Harvard and other Boston-area universities were arrested last night in an act of civil disobedience against Donald Trump’s rescission of DACA. The Harvard Square demonstration echoed countless other university rallies across the nation this week which supported undocumented students and Dreamers.

Universities and college administrators have long been strongly supportive of undocumented students and policies that help them. This week, the University of California system filed a lawsuit challenging the end of DACA, while former US Education Secretaries called for legislation to legalize Dreamers and college presidents wrote op-eds defending undocumented students on campus.

The Harvard Square demonstration came about after some hundred faculty members from Harvard, Tufts, MIT, Wellesley, and Babson convened to brainstorm what they could do to support undocumented students. Harvard African and African American Studies professor Walter Johnson, who was among those arrested, spoke of a “moral responsibility” to stand up for Dreamers. As he said:

It just came to a point of crisis, both for the nation and for us. It seemed like it was time for us to jump off, and to try to both stand firmly with our students, to stand for justice and decency in the face of an unjust law, and to try and kick off a conversation about resistance between campuses in Boston and among faculty.

You can view photos of the demonstration below.

Also view just a sampling of the campus protests (including some high schools) that happened nationwide: