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There She Goes Again: Governor Jan Brewer Countersues the Government Over Immigration “Invasion”

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Governor Jan Brewer is relentless. Having squandered many of her State’s resources on a pointless, racist immigration bill, she is now countersuing the federal government for their inaction on curbing illegal immigration in the State. Andrea Nill from Think Progress writes yesterday:

Today, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) announced that she is filing a countersuit against the federal government on behalf of the state of Arizona. The countersuit names several counts, including a “failure to protect Arizona from invasion.”

Her dramatics know no bounds. Jan Brewer is the same governor who said that immigrants were drug mules, and mentioned that law enforcement agencies have come across headless bodies in the Arizona desert (there weren’t). That’s right. You can’t make that stuff up. Watch for yourself: