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Gov. Edgar Supports DREAM Act, New Videos to Sen. Mark Kirk, Say, “Illinois Dreams Together”

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Over the weekend, one of Illinois’ most respected Republican voices, former Governor Jim Edgar, penned an op-ed in support of the DREAM Act.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

A rational approach to comprehensive immigration reform should begin with the young people who were brought here as babies, toddlers and adolescents.

Many have worked hard in school. Some want to serve in our military. All are undocumented. They live every day in fear of being caught, uprooted and sent to a country some have never known as their home.

A nation as kind as ours should not turn its back on them. Congress needs to support the sensible, humane approach embodied in legislation known as the Dream Act.

And former Governor Edgar isn’t the only one calling for Congress to step up and invest in America’s future.

Check out this compelling new video project from ICIRR called “Illinois Dreams Together,” congratulating incoming Senator Mark Kirk and asking him to support the DREAM Act. Here is one of the videos that participants have created: