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GOP Convention Features Tweet From White Nationalist Group — Again

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The Republican National Convention’s “tweet-ticket” featured a tweet from a white nationalist group — again.

From Talking Points Memo:

User @Western_Triumph’s tweet itself was generic, quoting a line from Trump’s speech, but the handle and a cursory glance at the account makes the user’s views on race clear. The bio features a number of slogans associated with the white supremacist movement, including #AltRight, #ProWhite, #RaceRealist and #LoveYourRace.

The user’s timeline was filled with tweets praising Trump for making nationalism “popular again,” labeling Muslim immigrants “rapefugees,” and calling for the “Great Purge” of non-white “traitors.” Another claims that blacks “destroy” what white Americans “build.”

Earlier this week, that same “tweet-ticker” also displayed a tweet from VDARE, “an anti-immigrant hate website popular with “prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.”

According to TPM, last night’s incident happened as Donald Trump was officially accepting the Republican nomination for President, naturally.

There’s a reason why we dubbed it the “Republican Nativist Convention.”