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Here We Go Again On Colorado polling of Latino Voters

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Apparently. There are some people, we suspect they are mostly GOP operatives, who believe the Denver Post’s polling numbers for Lations in the Senate race.

The Denver Post, unlike any other outlet, found Cory Gardner was leading Mark Udall with Latino voters by a 49% – 35% margin.

Not. Very. Likely.

First of all, our colleagues are out knocking on doors and talking to Latino voters across Colorado. Let’s just say the support they’re finding for Gardner is… um, minimal.

Then, there’s the The National Council of La Raza Action Fund (NCLRAF) and Latino Decisions poll from last week of Latino voters in Colorado, which found Udall leading by a margin of 55% – 14% (66% – 17% with leaners.)

That’s a 40%+ lead for Udall — pretty far cry from what the Denver Post found. Dr. Matt Barreto, one of the founders of Latino Decisions weighed in on this race – and the Denver Post’s poll – in an interview with Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo:

“Even if you give other polls the benefit of the doubt and assume the rest of their statewide numbers are correct — if you pull their Latino numbers out and put ours in — instead of Udall being down by 3, he’s up 3 to 4,” Barreto said.

While Barreto has been right before, a recent Denver Post poll showed Gardner not just winning the race, but leading among Latinos 49-35.

“There is absolutely no way that Cory Gardner will win the Latino vote in Colorado,” Barreto said. “Our Colorado polling has very consistently shown Gardner way behind with Latino voters. The mainstream polls are just plain wrong in their Latino samples.”

Let me repeat that with emphasis, “There is absolutely NO way that Cory Gardner will win the Latino vote in Colorado.”

This week, Public Policy Polling released numbers on the Colorado Senate andrace found Udall leading Gardner 64% – 24% with Hispanics. So, there’s that.