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Get Your Tickets: 9500 Liberty at APA Film Festival This Thursday

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Eric Byler and Annabel Park are local documentarians who have taken on the immigration debate in a unique, in-depth and innovative way.

Their latest film, 9500 Liberty, documents the intense debate over immigration in Virginia’s Prince William County when it, in Park’s own words, “passed a local ordinance that was considered the harshest local ordinance cracking down on illegal immigration.”

The brilliance of the documentary lies not only in the fact that it reveals the economic and human consequences of extreme local immigration policies, but it is also the first “interactive documentary series” on YouTube. According to reviewer, Anna Petrillo:

It [9500 Liberty] illustrates the potency of the Internet and new media to inspire participation and leadership on all levels in the political and community building process during times of economic and political uncertainty.

The film recently won the “Indie Truth Award for Best Documentary” at the Charlotte Film Festival, and will be featured at the 10th Annual DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival on opening night, this Thursday, October 1, with both directors in attendance.

Tickets for the event can be bought here.  Snatch yours up before they sell out!