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Fox News Commentator Laura Ingraham Attacks LA Mayor Villaraigosa and Immigrants in Same Tweet

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We know you’re a radio shock jock, Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, but if you’re going to gratuitously attack a public  figure and needlessly slam a group of people, could you try to have your tweets make sense?

Solange Uwimana from Media Matters reports that Ingraham wrote the following on her Twitter feed yesterday:

It’s clear enough that Ingraham is hating on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and that she has some beef against undocumented immigrants.  But it’s vague as to what she might be referring to, and just confusing that she decided to mention immigrants at all.

Help us figure this out.  Let’s all tweet at her today, @IngrahamAngle, and ask her what exactly she means by this pointless and uncalled for statement.

(Background on Ingraham: she’s compared looking at Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to looking at pictures of Osama bin Laden’s corpse; she hoped that they “nailed down all the valuables” when Reverend Al Sharpton visited the Bush White House in 2008; she once encouraged listeners to jam the phone lines of a Democratic voter assistance hotline; Keith Olbermann has named her “Worst Person in the World” multiple times; she claimed that the media favor citizenship for undocumented immigrants because it would bring “new customers to the more liberal viewpoint”; and she said that people who supported Senator John Kerry (D-MA) for president were not “regular people” and that a vote for him was as good as “aligning” with Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong Il.)