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Former General Counsels of Immigration Service "Agree Wholeheartedly" With Executive Action

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Before there was the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, there was the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) — and today, four former General Counsels of that body have released a letter agreeing “wholeheartedly” with the validity of President Obama’s recent executive action.
As they wrote:

We take no positions on the policy judgments that those actions reflect, but we have all studied the relevant legal parameters and wish to express our collective view that the President’s actions are well within his legal authority.

The former General Counsels join more than 100 immigration professors, conservatives, and other commentators in agreeing that President Obama’s administrative powers well extend to the executive action announced last month.  New polling also shows that a majority of Americans support the President’s action, with 72% believing that the policy changes are “about right” or “not far enough” while 26% believing that it goes “too far.”

View the letter from the former INS General Counsels below:

Exec Action Former Gov Counsel Letter