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Filmmaker Carries Out Video Experiment In Response To Trump — And It’s Incredible

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MTV lifts up this powerful video experiment from UDsyde Films in response to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent bigoted claims about Mexicans — and the clip is incredible to watch.

The sight of the film’s creator dressed in a prison jumpsuit, handcuffed, and blindfolded standing in public would probably throw most people off, but he was also carrying a sign:

“Meet an immigrant. Do you really see me as a drug lord, rapist, criminal?”

Over the next few minutes, some curious onlookers gawk or quickly pass by. Others walk over to shake his hand or pat him on the back. Some embrace him, and tell him they are immigrants, too.

“For a while I came up with this idea for a video,” the filmmaker told MTV. “[But] I didn’t know exactly what message I was trying to get across. I more just wanted to see who supported Donald Trump or not … and to be honest, for the first half while I was filming it, I still did not know exactly what it was I was trying to say. But as I was filming it, many of the people I met expressed their feeling and emotions towards this subject and it was[n’t] until then that I knew what the purpose of this video was and realized it had much more significant meaning.”

Trump’s comments may echo with a fringe base, but they certainly don’t represent the rest of Americans. The video is a remarkable and eye-opening watch, and a beautiful contradiction to the hateful views espoused by the likes of Trump.