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File Away for 2016: Marco Rubio: "I Would Love to Defund" Executive Action

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has, at least in the past, presented himself as a reasonable voice on immigration reform, a Hispanic Republican who could help bridge divides.  No longer — he’s been running away from the Senate immigration bill ever since he helped pass it and this weekend, he voted along with Ted Cruz on a point of order that represented opposition to executive action for immigrants.

In fact, the Senator who once talked about how his mother pleads with him to consider “los pobrecitos” (“the poor things” apparently agrees with Cruz and others that executive action should be rolled back and deportations allowed to continue.  As Rubio said in an interview last week:

I would love to defund the immigration order. I just don’t know how we’re ever going to do that if the president is going to veto it.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try; if there’s a way to do it, I would support it. But I think we have to be realistic because the president will veto it.

Yup: there’s Marco Rubio, once called the “Republican savior,” advocating for the mass deportation of immigrants.  That attitude may get him through the primaries, but it’s no road to the White House.