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Evangelicals Campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Evangelical Immigration TableIt’s been a busy few days for evangelical leaders who have come together from across the political spectrum to spend much of this week actively campaigning for comprehensive immigration reform.

On Tuesday, faith leaders gathered together in Washington, DC as part of the “Evangelical Immigration Table”.  The meeting brought together some high-profile names (and political opposites) — such as Jim Wallis, Founder and Editor of faith magazine, Soujourners; Richard Land, conservative and president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; and Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals — who all came out in support of the “Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform.”  According to the Christian Post, the principles include:

  1. Secure borders
  2. A path to citizenship for those who qualify
  3. Respect for American immigration law

Today, Yahoo News reports that Evangelical radio ads are urging a Christian audience to support immigration reform. They’re funding ads on Christian Radio in key states such as Florida and Colorado.

In the ad, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, narrates:

Christians should be known by their love. As evangelical leaders, we are called by Christ to be people of compassion toward everyone. This is why we must speak out on behalf of all those affected by our broken immigration laws.

You can listen to the ad courtesy “The Buzz” from The Tampa Bay Times: