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Et Tu, NBC?

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sheriff joe tvAccording to the Phoenix New Times, today’s late night show will feature immigration foe, racial profiler, and new FOX reality TV star Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Via their blog:

As disgusting as this sounds, it’s apparently true that Wednesday night NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien will feature a visit by Maricopa County’s corrupt top constable, who’ll be plugging this retarded Fox Reality show of his, Smile…You’re Under Arrest!

Call NBC and ask for the Conan O’Brien Show: 1-212-664-4444.

Tell the show’s producers that Sheriff Joe’s tactics may be showy, but they aren’t funny:

  • 2,700 lawsuits have been filed against Arpaio for his civil rights violations.

  • Joe prioritizes immigrant sweeps over prosecuting felons (there are 40,000 outstanding warrants in his county)

  • County response times to emergency calls have shot up while arrest rates for non-immigration crimes plummeted.

And don’t just get mad that Fox and NBC are glorifying Sheriff Joe — Get even:

Demand a long-overdue investigation into the Sheriff’s antics.

Already, over the holidays, 650 people have signed the petition asking the Department of Justice to Investigate.

Call NBC, add your voice to the petition, and help pass it on! 

Call NBC before 3pm EST today and ask for the Conan O’Brien Show: 1-212-664-4444.