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Huffington Post "Drinking and Talking" Discusses Immigration Reform

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In the latest episode of the Huffington Post’s Drinking & Talking, our own Frank Sharry joined Eric Cantor’s former deputy chief of staff Doug Heye, Think Progress’ Esther Lee, and Huffington Post’s Elise Foley to discuss immigration legislation in this Congressional session and why Republicans have still not passed reform.  Some highlights: Frank slamming Republicans for voting multiple times to deport DREAMers, and Doug Heye admitting that Republicans are in deep existential trouble in a way that will demographically hurt them in 2016 and beyond.  Watch below:

Video index:

00:00 – The High Water Mark For Reform
01:30 – Signs Of Trouble
03:50 – Shit Begins Falling Apart
05:00 – Marco Rubio Busts A Move
08:20 – What Did Eric Cantor Want?
09:23 – Greg Sargent’s Cameo
10:30 – Frank Gets Feisty Part I
12:00 – Did Cantor Derail It Behind The Scenes?
14:00 – The Ballad Of Mario Diaz Balart
15:00 – Steve King’s Party?
17:00 – Frank Gets Feisty Part II
18:15 – The Price Paid By The GOP
19:15 – Frank Tells An Unrelated Tip O’Neill Story