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DREAMers Ask Senate Judiciary Republicans: "Am I A Deportable?"

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The DREAMers are at it again!

Yesterday, before the start of Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, DREAMers with United We Dream chased down a number of SJC Republicans and asked them what they thought about Steve King calling young immigrants “deportables.”

“Am I a deportable?” You can watch the DREAMers posing this question to some very uncomfortable Republicans, below:


Sessions, Grassley and Mike Lee squirm with answers (Mike Lee: “I agree with Steve King on some issues and not others”) while Ted Cruz doesn’t answer at all.

The DREAMers also separately released this video of Sen. David Vitter saying that the “law should be enforced,” to which everyone who knows about his history of prosecutorial discretion responded, “oh, really?