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DREAM Iowa Invites Presidential Candidates Coming to Iowa to Dinner on the Anniversary of DAPA

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Back in 2012, Monica and Nilvia Reyes founded DREAM Iowa as a social media group to unite and organize Iowa DREAMers around the implementation of DACA.

Since then, DREAM Iowa has grown into a political powerhouse in the state. DREAMers from across Iowa have spent the last 18 months confronting every single major presidential candidate about their immigration plans. Their work to pressure Democrats like Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton was critical in the fight that led up to the announcement of DAPA in November 2014.

Now, one year after the announcement of DAPA, DREAM Iowa is asking candidates running for president — both Democrats and Republicans — to join them for dinner as part of the “DAPA Dinner” campaign organized by America’s Voice, United We Dream, and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement.

Monica and Nilvia are part of a mixed status family.Their little sister is a US citizen and their mother would likely qualify for a work permit and deportation relief through DAPA. However, DAPA is currently being held up in the courts by a Republican lawsuit.

Watch Monica and Nilvia’s video here:

The goal of DAPA Dinners is to show candidates running for office at any level of government how programs like DACA and DAPA benefit their families and their communities.

If you would like to invite candidates running office in a local, state, or federal election to a DAPA Dinner, please click here.

For more information about DAPA Dinner visit AmericasVoice.org/DAPADinners.

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