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“Is Donald Trump A Role Model For Kids?” Is A Question Every Pro-Trump Republican Should Be Asked

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In what has to be one of the most cringe-worthy, deer-in-headlights debate moments in recent political history, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte said that she would “absolutely” point to Donald Trump as a role model for kids.


“Would you tell them to be like Donald Trump?” debate moderator asked Ayotte. “Would you point to him as a role model?”

“I think that certainly there are many role models that we have, and I believe he can serve as president and so, absolutely. I would do that,” Ayotte said in an obviously unprepared reply. Her challenger, Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan, appeared to stare at Ayotte in disbelief.

Ayotte was immediately jeered on social media:

Ayotte was forced to address the issue a few hours after the debate, saying “I misspoke,” even though we all heard her “absolutely” reply pretty well.

But there’s an even larger picture to sink in — a sitting United States Senator actually had to walk back her declaration that the Presidential nominee of her political party is a role model for children. And Ayotte is still on this ridiculous claim that while she’s voting for Donald Trump, she’s not endorsing him.

An unhinged Trump has spent the last few days fat-shaming and slut-shaming a Latina US citizen — and Kelly Ayotte still stood on that stage and declared to the nation that she thinks this is a man that kids should emulate. That’s the kind of vision of America that Ayotte is supporting through her vote, endorsement or not.

We know where Ayotte stands, and “Is Donald Trump a role model for kids?” is a question that should be asked of Marco Rubio, Joe Heck, Rob Portman, Richard Burr, Joe Heck, and any other Republican voting for Donald Trump and his dangerous vision of America.