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Lou Dobbs’ Latest: Kudos to Beck for saying Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people”

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Update from Color of Change: 62 companies have now stopped their ads from running on Beck’s show as a result of his extreme statements.

As Media Matters notes, Lou Dobbs took the opportunity last night to pat Glenn Beck on the back for his extreme comments on air that Obama is a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people–” comments which caused dozens of advertisers to ditch their ads on Beck’s program in August. (Check out Color of Change’s ongoing campaign to hold Beck accountable for these statements.)

From Dobbs’ September 8th radio show:

DOBBS: ..And I didn’t hear — I didn’t hear Howard Dean get excited about that, trampling all over the First Amendment trying to coerce sponsors of Glenn Beck just because he had the guts to say what he meant. You know, there’s a shortage of that. That ought to be encouraged.

Check out Beck’s now-infamous comments (which Dobbs wants to encourage):

Since Dobb’s “Birther” flirtation this summer, and with ratings plummeting, Dobbs seems to be coming increasingly unhinged — but this isn’t stopping CNN from giving him his nightly anti-immigrant soapbox. Or from letting him headline for hate groups next week.