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DHS Enforcement Priorities Have Violated Human Rights

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Today, we released a new video calling on DHS secretary
Napolitano to investigate Bush-era home raids and focus on real, comprehensive
immigration reform– instead of half-baked enforcement measures that are only making
communities less safe.

Check out the video, based on a new report by the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law:

Raise your voice – Sign the Petition to Secretary Napolitano today!

The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law recently found that immigration agents engaged in widespread abuse during “home raids” over the last few years. 
Some of the agents’ most egregious
include entering and searching homes without legal
authority, seizing people without any
basis other than their racial or ethnic appearance, or limited English
proficiency.  DHS’s response, from an e-mail to the New York Times:

men and women of I.C.E. are sworn to uphold the laws of our nation.  We do
so professionally, humanely and with an acute awareness with the impact
enforcement has on the individuals we encounter. While I.C.E. prioritizes our
efforts by targeting fugitives who have demonstrated a threat to national security
or public safety, we have a clear mandate to pursue all immigration fugitives.”