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Democratic National Convention Digital Review: Day 4

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The final night of the Democratic National Convention started with a tone of hope of where we could be a year from now and ended with a call to action so we don’t remain shackled to Trump’s dangerous policies. Although immigration policy was not the theme of the night, several speakers mentioned our rich history of immigration in their speeches and the need to abandon Donald Trump’s xenophobic and racist rhetoric in order to move forward. 

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms spoke about the civil rights movement and how everyone has a unique role to play as we move toward a more equal society. This was followed by a beautiful tribute to Representative John Lewis, a longtime civil rights activist who marched with Martin Luther King Junior and was a powerful force in the United States Congress until he passed away earlier this year.

Representative Debra Haaland from New Mexico gave a heartfelt speech about her heritage as a Native American woman and the diverse history of the United States. She also looked to the future and encouraged everyone to vote, stating “[w]hether your ancestors have been here for hundreds of years or you’re a new citizen know this: whether we vote, and how we vote will determine if our nation’s promise.”

Vivek Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States, gave a speech as a medical doctor during the pandemic but also told a heartwarming story of Vice President Joe Biden meeting his family who are mostly immigrants. According to Murthy, Biden thanked his grandmother for “choosing” America as her home.

Finally, Vice President Joe Biden gave an exceptional speech about coming together to defeat the pandemic and how Donald Trump has fallen short during these times, explaining that Black, Latino, and Native American communities are “bearing the brunt” of Trump’s incompetence. He also mentioned the need for vast immigration reform and promised to pay our essential workers wages that reflect their important work.

Overall, the Democratic National Convention was a highly successful and sophisticated virtual event, despite being the first major online political event of its kind. While most of the speakers were upfront about the dire need for a change of administration, there was also a lot of hope in what could be accomplished if we are successful in November.