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At Cleveland ICE Office, Immigration Advocates Protest Rebecca Adducci and Rogue ICE Officials

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Rebecca Adducci and rogue Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in the Cleveland ICE Office are at it again.

Luis Nicasio Padilla, of Painesville, is one of countless fathers and mothers in NE Ohio’s vibrant Hispanic community who are being placed into deportation proceedings and ordered summarily removed, with no consideration of their families, children, strong ties, and contributions by Rebecca Adducci and rouge ICE officials in the Cleveland ICE Office.

You might remember Rebecca Adducci, who oversees the ICE branch responsible for Ohio and Michigan, because she  has a long history of rogue behavior. In 2012, two of her ICE agents set off a firestorm when they approached two immigrant families while they were dropping off their children off at school.

This week, Ms. Adducci decided to deny Nicasio Padilla’s Stay of Removal despite the fact that he has been living in the U.S. for 10 years, buying a home with his wife, raising their children, paying taxes, and working his way toward a green card.

Time and again Rebecca Adducci and the Detroit ICE administration officials have ignored the Department of Homeland Security guidance in their insatiable zeal to deport people to keep up quotas. Once again, a NE Ohio immigrant family is confronted with a barbaric decision made by Rebecca Adducci, Director of the Detroit Field Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, that may force a peaceful, hard-working and loving father to leave his wife and sons.

Watch members of the northeast Ohio Latino community and their allies protest Rebecca Adducci and rouge ICE officials

 outside of the Cleveland ICE office: