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PHOTOS: Dreamers and Advocates Christmas Carol for Dream Act

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Last night, Dreamers, advocates, and members of Congress met at the Operation Dream Act Now tent on the Hill, before walking to the Capitol to serenade members of Congress with Christmas carols calling for the Dream Act.

These weren’t regular Christmas carols. As one went:

DACA calls now for replacing. Fa la la la…
Legal dangers we are facing. Fa la la la….
We have come to plead in chorus. Fa la la la….
Make a path to green cards for us. Fa la la la…

As the advocates sang, members of Congress joined the group to renew their commitments to passing legislation by the end of this year. As Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) told the group, “We cannot leave town without Dreamer legislation. We’ll continue to fight! This is my pledge to you.”

The Dream Act Now tent, also known as Dream Act Central, is serving as headquarters during the end-of-year push to get Congress to pass legislation for immigrant youth. More than 900 Dreamers and their families are expected to stop by the temporary headquarters in the next two weeks to share their stories and visit with lawmakers.

View photos and tweets of the carolers, below: