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Chertoff Raids own House

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chertoff in house

not really, but the Washington Post is reporting
that Department of Homeland Security Head Michael Chertoff has had undocumented
workers cleaning his home for over four years:

Every few weeks for nearly four years, the
Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company
before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff,
the nation’s top immigration official.

The company’s owner says the workers sailed
through the checks — although some of them turned out to be illegal

has a funny take in a post titled, “Michael Chertoff Latest Innocent Victim Of
Nation’s Unfair Immigration Enforcement Laws:

Ha ha, it’s funny because the mutant overlord Michael Chertoff is the Secretary of Homeland Security, which includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and unbeknownst to him some ILLEGAL ALIENS snuck in and cleaned his house! Have you ever heard of such an outrageous thing in your life, that illegal immigrants might work for large housecleaning services?

Coupled with last week’s announcement that a high-ranking New England Border Patrol official had undocumented workers cleaning her home, hypocrisy at DHS now seems to be the rule, rather than the exception. On a more serious note, in “Chertoff hired company that used illegal workers,” the Associated Press points out just how hypocritical the situation is:

Speaking Oct. 23 on the state of immigration, Chertoff boasted about his department’s record year for worksite enforcement cases – which led to more than 6,000 arrests.

He also said, “We need to make sure our own house is in order,” referring not to his own home, but to the federal government, which now is required to use a federal online database to check whether the workers are in the country legally.

FireDogLake’s Christy Hardin Smith followed the story to its logical conclusion in “Oh Noes! Chertoff’s Homeland Security and Secret Service Screening Epic Fail?“:

Chertoff’s leading by example, alright. See how tough it is to sort all of this out, how complex issues of immigration, economy and neener-neener blame-gaming are?

This stunning piece of news is yet another piece of evidence pointing to our need for a change of direction at DHS and the passage of real, comprehensive immigration reform.