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Celebrate the National DREAM Act Day of Action by Supporting Alonso Today

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Today is a national day of action in support of the DREAM Act, legislation that would create a path to legal status through college education or military service for undocumented youth who have been in this country since an early age.

Students all over the country are standing together in declaration of the “Back to School DREAM ACT Day of Action”—check it out over at Dream Activist.

Very timely, as Jorge-Alonso Chehade, a 21 year old “Dreamer,” as Dream Act-eligible students are called, currently awaits news that could literally make or break his future.

After accidentally missing a turn and mistakenly crossing the border into Canada, Jorge-Alonso was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He is now fighting for a stay of deportation from DHS, in an effort to be with his family and friends, and to give back to a country he considers home. But he needs your help.

Thanks to SEIU, Dream Activist, and Jorge-Alonso’s efforts, there have been over 3,925 faxes sent to DHS to help stop his pending deportation, but there’s still much work to do in order to help him reach his 5,000 fax goal today. After all, right now he is scheduled to be deported the day after tomorrow.