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Bryan Stevenson: “If You Don’t Want To Vote For Yourself, Vote For Them. Vote For The Marginalized”

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A new video from Emerson Collective featuring human rights attorney Bryan Stevenson has a message for anyone even thinking of sitting out this year’s election: Don’t.

“I represent the poor,” Stevenson says. “I represent the condemned. I represent people who live in the margins of society. And for them, their lives are at stake.

“If you don’t want to vote for yourself, vote for them. Vote for the marginalized.”

As Emerson Collective writes, “this election is about so much more than a single candidate. It’s about America’s most marginalized populations. In 2016, more than ever, their lives depend on the outcome of this election.”

Click below to watch the video from Emerson Collective featuring Bryan Stevenson, as well as to see additional information about how to vote in this year’s election.

The stakes are just too high to sit this out.