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Baltimore Asks Washington To Step up to the Plate and Reform Immigration

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By Guest Blogger Mario Quiroz, of CASA de Maryland. Cross-posted at The Sanctuary and Free State Politics.

Baltimore resolutionDelay may be business as usual in Washington, but Baltimore isn’t having it.

Yesterday evening, amidst news that President Obama now sees immigration reform delayed until 2010, the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution– the first like it in Maryland– calling on President Obama and Congress to act swiftly to pass real, comprehensive immigration reform. 

According to Baltimore City Councilmember Rochelle “Rikki” Spector:

As a city with a rich immigrant history, we recognize that our city and country will be stronger if we can assist new immigrants in fully assimilating into our community, There’s no doubt that the country has a broken immigration system, and that local municipalities are paying a big price as a result of Washington’s inaction.

“I am thrilled that Baltimore is taking the leadership in Maryland to support comprehensive immigration reform,” she added.

Not only did Spector support the pro-reform resolution, but she also plans to raise immigration reform as a priority issue at next week’s Maryland Association of Counties conference, urging other local governments across Maryland to join Baltimore in issuing similar statements.

Why all the commotion at a time when Washington is dragging its feet?