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AZ GOP Senate Candidate Wil Cardon Launches Immigrant-Bashing Ad

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The immigrant-bashers in Arizona just can’t help themselves. Despite all the negative fallout from S.B. 1070, including the recall of the bill’s sponsor, State Senator Russell Pearce, the immigrant-bashers just can’t stop. The latest flareup comes from a GOP Senate candidate, Wil Cardon, who has launched a negative ad using immigrants to attack his primary opponent, Rep. Jeff Flake.

From The Hill:

Businessman Wil Cardon is spending $250,000 to air television ads staking out his hard-line stance on immigration as he works toward the GOP nomination for Senate in Arizona.

A source tracking the ad market in Arizona said Cardon had purchased $208,000 in air time in Phoenix and another $56,000 in the cheaper market of Tucson, Ariz.

“Wil Cardon’s immigration plan will fight Obama’s war against Arizona’s security and economy, supporting S.B. 1070, [and] national guard troops to secure the border,” says the narrator.

The ad also notes Cardon’s opposition to “amnesty for illegal immigrants” and to allowing children brought into the country illegally to qualify for in-state tuition.

Touting S.B. 1070 might work with the hard-core anti-immigrant zealots in the GOP primary, which is scheduled for September 11th, but that law has been a disaster for Arizona’s image.

Cardon has also launched an negative website: AmnestyFlake.com, which states “Jeff Flake: Washington’s Poster Boy for a Pro-Amnesty Liberal Immigration Policy.” Not exactly. Not even close. But, in the zeal to be the most anti-immigrant, facts don’t matter. Nor does the potential for alienating the fastest growing voting demographic in the nation. And, the Latino vote in Arizona can be decisive. According to Time Magazine, “In Arizona, 29.6% of the population claim Latino roots, a group that could prove crucial in the 2012 general election.” But, Cardon, who trails Flake by 50 points, is doubling down.

Looks like it’s going to be a long, hot summer of ugly politics in Arizona.