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Aurora Sentinel Endorses Andrew Romanoff Over Rep. Mike Coffman

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One of the hottest Congressional races this year is in Colorado’s 6th district, Rep. Mike Coffman (R) versus challenger Andrew Romanoff (D).  The district’s main newspaper has just endorsed Romanoff, in part over Coffman’s out of touch stance on immigration:

When Coffman first went to Congress to represent a very different district, drawn farther south as a conservative stronghold, his votes, rhetoric and opinions played well to those constituents. But they’re gone. He cannot dismiss the fact that he once railed against any form of a path-to-citizenship as part of immigration reform. And although he has softened his stance, it’s aligned with where the GOP now stands on that issue. That’s not where the district stands…We want to create a path to citizenship for almost all hard-working illegal immigrants and create a system that allows others to come here for work when there are jobs and go home when there aren’t.

Read the full endorsement here.