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Arizona legislator mobs YMCA-bound bus after thinking it was full of child refugees

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File this epic fail from Arizona under “I’d Be Laughing If It Weren’t So Tragic.”

Republican Congressional hopeful and state legislator Adam Kwasman invited himself to a protest in Oracle, where yet another group of adults had gathered to bravely scream at a rumored bus of child refugees that would be coming through the area.

At one point, Kwasman — who according to his Wiki page is a former Sunday School teacher — tweeted  “Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law.”

But as Kwasman and his group of “I Support Sheriff Joe” sign-holding vigilantes mobbed the yellow bus, they failed to realize that it was in fact full of local kids headed to the YMCA.

“Last tweet not the bus of illegal immigrant children. Thank God,” Kwasman tweeted right after (“Thank God”? Jesus never said “Let only the children with papers come to me”).

He deleted the initial tweet, but the damage had already been done after local media latched onto the fact that Kwasman and his boneheaded compatriots had in reality mobbed little Suzy on her way to jump rope.

Kwasman tried explaining that he thought they were undocumented kids since he “saw fear on [their] faces,” but as the Arizona Republic points out, “12 News reporter Will Pitts, who [was] at the protest scene, says he saw the children laughing and taking pictures of the media.”

Or maybe they were just laughing at Kwasman? Either way, when we said that Republicans need to start reaching out to Latinos in order to survive as a national party, we didn’t mean chase down busses full of Latino kids.

Watch video of Kwasman’s awkward encounter with the Arizona Republic here.