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Extremist, Anti-Immigrant Operation American Freedom: "Evict the Negro from the White House"

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Yesterday, the anti-immigrant, anti-Obama extremist group Operation American Freedom came to Washington, DC, where some 20 members (out of 221 who had RSVP’d on the Facebook page) protested in front of the White House and were not shy about their rhetoric.  The group spent a lot of time attacking immigrants and denouncing “aliens” for their perceived offenses to American life — but most of their energy was specifically focused against the President.  Event-goers demanded to “evict the negro from the White House” and demanded that officials arrest or hang President Obama.

At one point, the Secret Service/Park Police asked the group to move onto the sidewalk for an extended amount of time to make way for a motorcade — and the protesters promptly turned on the police, blasting them for “unconstitutional unlawful governance”; demanding to know whether Obama had handed down the orders; and calling on the police to “grow a pair of cojones”, ignore orders, and allow the protesters to remain where they had been before.

Not much is known about OAF, but it appears that they are descendant of Operation American Spring, the effort from earlier this year to bring millions of “patriots” to Washington, DC to expel top elected officials (from President Obama to Speaker Boehner) out of the nation’s capital.  Operation American Spring, of course, was a massive failure, but OAF is still reportedly about “the removal of this entire administration from office.”  Here is the arrest warning OAF issued to government officials in Washington last month, demanding that all those in a position of power stand with them or against them:

Dear (Elected Official),

The citizens of the United States of America have joined to form Operation American Freedom. We are contacting you to make you aware of our movement. We are seeking your support for the arrest and conviction of any elected official who has not upheld their Oath of Office to the Constitution of the United States of America. This will include the President and his entire line of succession, all the way down to the State and Local level. If you choose not to stand with us, you must understand that we will also be seeking your arrest. By not standing with us to uphold the Constitution, you are standing against us, thereby breaking your Oath of Office. There are many documented Constitutional violations that will be used as proof of this lawlessness. We will be using them to seek the arrest of any elected official who chooses not to uphold their Oath of Office.

You have 30 days to reply. By not replying, you will be considered against us.

Please contact us at oafpressinbox@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Operation American Freedom

View some of the tweets and pictures from yesterday’s extremist OAF rally:

Also check out this Facebook post from an OAF supporter who didn’t make it to Washington:

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