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AK-Sen: Joe Miller on Border Security: "If the East Germans Could Do It, We Can Do It"

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At a town hall meeting in Anchorage yesterday, GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller (R-AK) argued for an interesting approach to border security: harkening back to the good old days of…East Germany.

Alaska blog The Mudflats reports:

On Sunday, Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate, held a town hall meeting at a middle school in Anchorage. When asked about illegal immigration, Miller offered up: Build a wall! “If the East Germans could do it, so can we!”

On a message board, media strategist Bill Scannell added some context. Apparently, Miller knows what he’s talking about because he was stationed in West Germany with the U.S. Army:

After mentioning that he spent some time with the 11th ACR in Fulda during the Cold War, he talked about how not that many people crossed the border from East Germany. “If the East Germans could do it, we can do it.”