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Nevada won’t vote on anti-immigrant ballot initiative this year

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A fight over a proposed voter initiative seeking to ban so-called sanctuary cities in Nevada is headed back to district court after the state Supreme Court refused Wednesday to uphold the entirety of an earlier ruling that would have kept the measure off the November ballot.

In a 6-1 ruling, Supreme Court justices overturned part of a Carson City district court judge’s ruling that determined the measure was unconstitutional because it failed to meet a requirement that it address only a single subject.

But the justices agreed with civil rights lawyers who argued the language in the ballot initiative is “deceptive and misleading.” The lawyers contend it doesn’t describe the potential effects of what critics say is an “anti-immigrant” initiative.

The case was returned to district court, where a political action committee pushing the proposal should have an opportunity to amend the measure to explain potential impacts.

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