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Incident Report – Mason,OH

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Mason police are investigating distribution of a flier that describes a Muslim resident as having links to terrorism.

The flier, titled “Neighborhood Terrorism Warning,” displays the photo and address of Rawd Saleh, a mother of three. It cites a court case from nearly 15 years ago in which her father was falsely accused of supporting terrorism by sending money to the Mideast.

Omran Saleh was eventually convicted of defrauding the state of tax dollars and sentenced to one year in jail. “The money was not sent to terrorist organizations,” Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Thomas Crush said then. “There is no jihad here.”

Reached Thursday, Rawd Saleh said her neighbors have rallied around her since the flier came out. She’s worn a hijab for 15 years and said she has never been targeted or harassed.

“It’s very disheartening,” Saleh said. “You never think anything like this is going to happen in a place as diverse as Mason, Ohio.