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Incident Report: Cincinnati, OH

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Elder High School’s student cheering section chanted racial terms at an African-American player and a multiracial player for St. Xavier High School’s basketball team Friday night.
St. Xavier player Nate Stockman is multiracial, including Asian. Elder students chanted “P.F. Chang” at him. It wasn’t the first time the term had been used, said the player’s mother, Susan Stockman.
“Last year, it was a few whispers,” she said. This year it was most all of Elder’s student section.
“It was ‘Hey No. 2, open your eyes,'” she said. “‘Hey, No. 2 can you open them bigger?’ Then when he went to do his free throws they started yelling ‘USA USA.'”
African-American player Bobby Jefferson was also taunted with taunts highlighting stereotypes about blacks. The chants happened during the game Friday night between St. Xavier and Elder on Cincinnati’s West Side. They could be heard on a video of the game posted at EHSports.com, which features news on Elder High sporting events.