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The Supreme Court’s ruling on the DAPA lawsuit will have a profound impact on the lives of millions of immigrants across the country, and that is why we are inviting you to a webinar that will show you how to share your immigrant story — especially when speaking to the press.

About this Webinar

Your story is one of the strongest tools you have to fight for immigration relief!

This webinar will bring together immigration advocates and communication experts who are ready to show you the most effective ways to share your story, and ensure we are ready to answer any questions from reporters or community members may have about the Supreme Court ruling on DAPA and DACA+.

Webinar Participants

Viridiana Vidal


While working for Univision and Telemundo in Las Vegas, Viri reported about the abuse of immigrant workers and many other horrific and painful stories that have become “normal” for the undocumented community. Now Viri serves as the Director of Nevada’s Voice, a project of AV working to ensure Latino and eligible immigrants engage in the election process.

José Parra


José Dante Parra is a Democratic strategist and CEO of ProsperoLatino. Parra served as senior advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid advisor for President Obama’s 2012 reelection. His career started at The Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, where he covered stories such as the Elian Gonzalez saga and the 2000 Presidential election recount in Florida.

Juan Escalante


Juan is the Digital Campaigns Manager AV. Born and raised in Venezuela, Juan arrived in the US in 2000 and became undocumented after his family’s attorney failed to provide proper counsel. For the past ten years, Juan has advocated for pro-migrant policies at the state and national level and is a beneficiary of President Obama’s 2012 DACA program. He recently obtained a Masters Degree from FSU.

Tomas Kennedy

Born in Argentina, Thomas Kennedy came to the United States with his parents at the age of ten, first living in New Jersey before settling down in Miami. After living as an undocumented immigrant for over a decade and seeing the daily struggles his parents overcame in their daily lives in order to have a better life, Thomas became involved in student activism and immigration reform advocacy. He is currently an International Relations student at Florida International University and works with the Florida legislature as well as being a fellow for The Community Center for Change Action (CCCaction).

Technical Requirements

  • Access to YouTube videos