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U.S. Attorney, David J. Hickton: Stop Alfredo's prosecution!

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U.S. Attorney, David J. Hickton — who was appointed by President Obama — has decided to go after Alfredo of all people, a model citizen and father. Alfredo is a constant and active father in his children’s lives. Because of his status, Alfredo lived in constant fear of getting picked up by ICE and separated from his children. In February, Alfredo was stopped by the police on the way to the mall. Even though Alfredo was only a passenger in the car the Border Patrol was called. He was taken away in handcuffs in front of his 11 year old daughter. Alfredo has been held in a detention cell in Erie, Pennsylvania for over a month and a Grand Jury has indicted him for “illegal re-entry,” a federal felony. Alfredo’s only crime was reuniting with his family. Now U.S. Attorney David Hickton and the Obama Administration is making his entire family pay the price.  Please take action now!