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Story Campaign: Why do you think the President Should Act?

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Barack_Obama_signs_HR_3630 copy According to multiple reports, President Obama will soon announce a series of changes to U.S. immigration policy that could impact millions of families across the country. We’ve won the fight demanding that President Obama take action — now we need to tell the President to use his existing authority to make common-sense improvements to our immigration system, like an expansion to DACA! These should be no-brainers for the President:

  • President Obama should use his existing authority to protect those who qualify for the Senate immigration bill and allow them to apply for work permits
  • DHS must overhaul or end its failed program, cynically called “Secure Communities”
  • The Obama Administration must drastically reduce their record number of deportations

Our stories are powerful! Please tell us how Obama acting would impact you, your friends, and your family. We’ll post some of the stories on our blog and send them to the press.