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Stop the Hypocrisy on Immigration Reform!

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Hypocritical members of Congress, who say they support us but vote with anti-immigrant extremists in the Republican Party, are a major road block to passing immigration reform.

Colorado Representatives Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner are the perfect example of this hypocrisy. Back home, they tell Latino, Asian-American, and immigrant voters that they support reform — but, in Washington DC, they’ve voted with Rep. Steve King to deport DREAMers by defunding DACA.

We need to make an example out of Rep. Coffman and Rep. Gardner and ensure Latino, Asian-American, and immigrant voters know where they REALLY stand.

The Denver Post is the largest newspaper in Colorado, and we’re buying out all of the ads on their homepage. Republicans can’t have it both ways and we’re sending a message that will be impossible to ignore.

Please contribute to our campaign and help keep these ads online!